300+ Followers! Thank You!

Thank you for riding with me. I do not take your support for granted and as such I am very intentional about every single post I put on here. I appreciate you for trusting me enough to read and follow my blog. Thanks for giving me your attention and support. I hope that this blog points you to the reason why I blog – Jesus Christ. My aim is to continuously make Him known and famous and also to help as many as i can including myself get closer to Him.

I thank God for every new follower i get. I see it as an opportunity to minister to another person as i trust the Holy Spirit to help me do this. I always pray for everyone of you that God’s light will illuminate your heart. It will make you see yourself clearly the way God sees you. And also that it will reveal areas in your heart where God wants you to work on with the help of His spirit.

I now have over 300 followers and I honestly find it humbling.

I love every single one of you.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

18 thoughts on “300+ Followers! Thank You!

    1. Thanks Josh! God bless you real good! I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you took a break on here. Haven’t seen your post in a while. How is you doing?


      1. I’m doing well. Yeah, I decided at the end of February to tale a month off from blogging posts, but I’m still on the blogosphere; commenting on posts.

        Sorry if I haven’t read your recent posts and am planning on it. When I return in April, I will start posting blogs again, so don’t worry!

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      2. Ah good on you! It’s always important to take a moment to refill. Can’t wait to read what God is placing in your heart during this period. And with regards to catching up on my blog, you don’t always have to. No pressure bro. Do what you can do. God bless you my friend🙂


  1. God bless you Efua, I can imagine the fulfilment you feel right now. It is important that we reach the world with the message of Christ and if the world is not ashamed of its wisdom and it’s ways, we also cannot be ashamed because we hold the truth. Bless you

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