Guard Your Gates

A gate is a barrier used to close an opening. The reason why gate is erected is for safety. There are several spiritual gates in our body which I will be talking about today.

The Eyes Gate

The eye is a very powerful organ in our body. Everyone knows the significance of an eye but many don’t pay attention to the role it plays spiritually.

““Your eye is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is unhealthy, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is!”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:22-23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Research reveals that vision is 90% mental and 10% physical. This goes to prove that our mind is connected to our eyes. So in order to guard what we meditate on, we need to guard our eyes. When we expose our eyes to things that aren’t edifying, our body and mind is fed same. So many people who are addicted to pornography today only started by watching few minutes of it. Letting our eyes wonder can put us into situations we will later regret. There are certain shows that we shouldn’t be watching if we want to go deeper in our relationship with God. You might think watching those shows doesn’t really matter, however it’s actually filling your heart with darkness. This in return clouds your vision and judgement.

We live in a world where it’s almost impossible not to see something that is not pure. If you don’t go looking for it, it will look for you. The billboards are screaming sex. TV adverts aren’t left out either. The fashion world has gone crazy. Despite these things, we still have a responsibility of consciously guarding our eyes. For some, this might mean unsubscribing to certain TV stations. For another, it might mean sticking to the good ole news channel, sport shows, cooking and religious shows (its better to be called boring in doing this than for you to be stuck fighting a thought that has been planted because of something you saw on TV). We have enough to fight, don’t add more to it. Can Jesus look through the pictures on your phone? How about the ones saved on your computer? Can He look at those ones you secretly stare at on social media?

The Ear Gate

Our ears are connected to our brains. The brain is the central processing unit of the body and it plays a key role in translating the content of the mind. The brain is the physical organ mostly linked with the mind and consciousness. What we listen to is processed in our brain which is connected to our mind. Our mind is like a blank canvas that is painted by what we feed it. This is where music comes to mind. The lyrics of music are powerful. I am not saying that we should only listen to gospel music. But as Christians there are certain music we shouldn’t even be debating whether we should listen to or not. A music filled with swear and vulgar words, describing people’s intimate body parts shouldn’t be entertaining to us. If listening to them don’t trouble our spirit, then there is a problem. The consequences don’t or may not be seen immediately but it will certainly be seen. Slowly but surely our spirits gets desensitised. We begin to tolerate and entertain things we never used to. Phrases like “it really doesn’t matter. It isn’t that deep” becomes our go to phrase. Before you know it, we find ourselves throwing some swear words into our sentences and we feel ok with it because that is what we are surrounded with. If as a Christian, your friends don’t see anything wrong with using vulgar words or describing people in a degrading way, with just a matter of time, you will find yourself doing same.

The bible talks a lot about minding what we say because of how it affects those who hear them (James 3:3-6, Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 1:1). What we listen to have the power to create life or death in us. Some songs i would class as pornography because of the lyrics. You can’t listen to such songs all day and expect your spirit to be in tune with God. It’s simply garbage in, garbage out. Why won’t you be thinking and lusting after someone when all the songs you listen to are lust filled? The way we feel uplifted by a good song, is the same way our spirits gets pressed down by bad songs. What are you listening to? Will you be ok with listening to that music if Jesus Christ was sat next to you? Can He listen to your playlist?

The Heart Gate

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

The above scripture is pretty much self explanatory. What we meditate on, determines the course of our lives. This makes it very vital for us to guard our hearts constantly with the word of God. So if I see something on a billboard that can trigger lust, I have a responsibility not to meditate on it. If someone offends me, I have a responsibility not to allow that offence linger in my heart.

The task to guard our gates is entirely ours. There are certain things we have to take responsibility for and this is certainly one of them. We often like to push blames around. But God will not ask us to do what He knows we are not capable of doing. And of course we have a bonus factor. We have the Holy Spirit who helps us to fight against our flesh.

So as we start a new week, make a covenant with yourself. That you will consciously guard the gates God has given you. You have authority over those gates. What you allow, come in and what you don’t allow, stays out. Be intentionally about your spiritual walk. Heaven is worth fighting for.

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19 thoughts on “Guard Your Gates

  1. Amen! I love this!! 🙂 You explore the scriptures in a way I think people can be more open to listen to. This stuff is not a tonic easy to swallow, but it is the truth.

    I’m going to add this to the community spotlight for the month 🙂 it appears at the end of the month.

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    I received the Word “gate” some time ago but never took it seriously until this year 2020, it became too frequent that I felt there was more to this Word. What I saw was always connected to the Watchman and so every I find myself looking up those words to understand my calling. And so this is how I found your blog and am really blessed. I knew this was for me and am grateful for the Lord for you. God bless.

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  4. Alphia Faith Kemokai

    Ministering at a Sexual Purity Picnic tomorrow, I’m definitely gonna use this.
    Well explained as the Holy Spirit ministered to me.
    God bless you Efua 🙏🏽😊

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