The Perfect Love of our Father

A while back I wrote a blog post titled God’s love doesn’t make sense and I talked about how we can’t really grasp the love of God totally with our human comprehension.

Two days ago I was meditating on God’s love and the Holy Spirit reminded me of an experience I had with my dad many years ago and He used that to teach me more about God’s love.

When I started seeing my now husband, I was doing it secretly because I didn’t want my parents to know about it then. I lied to my parents that I was going for a school trip and went to visit him for 2 weeks.

Immediately I got to his place, I started feeling guilty and I was scared of what the repercussion was going to be when my parents found out the truth. My response to this was to turn off my phone for almost 2 weeks that I was there.

To cut this long story short, I finally turned my phone on after much pleading from my now husband and decided to face the consequences of my actions. As I made my way home, I was scared to death. My parents are disciplinarians and no one really wants to mess with them especially when it came to situations like these.

On getting home, my parents were outside waiting for me. I know my dad and I knew what to expect but I didn’t get what I expected. As I got to the place where he was sat, he said “welcome home”. My mum was trying to ask in anger where I went to, but he interrupted and said “she is home, let her go in“. I didn’t know what to make of this response. Interestingly, he never asked me any question regarding the situation. He only made me realise that he found out that we had no school trip and that was it.

The Holy Spirit showed me how this reflects the love of God for us. It isn’t strained by our sin. John 3:16 reveals that He love this world despite the sin in it. He loved us even before we decided to love Him in return. No matter how far we go, just like my dad, He is looking out for the day we will come home. And his response to us whenever we come back is “welcome home”. He doesn’t make us feel condemned. My dad knew that even if he didn’t address the situation, I knew he didn’t like what I did. The guilt on my face said it all but yet he accepted me back. This is what God does.

Like me, the devil will always want us to stay away and believe we can no longer come home because God is mad at us. However this is never true. God is never mad at us. He hates sin. He wants the sinner to come to Him for cleansing.

Writing this now, I see similarity between my story and that of the prodigal son. It goes to show that sometime in our lives, we have been a prodigal son/daughter. Thank God for His mercy.

I don’t know what you have done or where you are right now. You might be feeling like you have disappointed God, you have gone too far and you don’t deserve mercy. But I want to remind you that His arms are always wide opened. He condemns sin but He will never condemn you. Always remember that God loves you. Let this words marinate in your spirit. Nothing can and will ever separate you from His love.

Make a U turn! Come home! God is waiting to welcome you! Home is where you will find peace.

Blessings and love to you.❤️

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