Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day here in England. The role of a mum is one which cannot be overemphasised. From the moment of conception until she dies, she is working and giving. She gives her strength, her smile, her heart, her blood, her milk, her food, her space, her peace, her sleep, everything away. In the midst of all that she does, somehow she is still expected to figure out her own path in life. Mum won’t eat until everyone else have eaten. Mum won’t shop for herself until others are clothed. She brings the needs of her kids first before hers.

She is the cleaner, the teacher, the cook, the encourager, the carer, the first aider, the investigator, the seamstress, the hairdresser, the designer, the prayer warrior, the list is endless. All of these she does with a smile on her face. She receives no wage for her role and she never goes on holiday. She works full time round the clock. She is up at night nursing and cuddling her kids to sleep and up in the day sat at her desk at work with eye bags hidden behind her concealer. She bounces back after every attack. She never gives up fighting for her kids.

But because of her strength, it can be easy to forget that she won’t be here forever. A day is coming when she will have nothing to give. That day could be as close as tomorrow when you will be by her coffin and no amount of tears will bring her back. In that moment, it will hit you that you had a treasure you never cherished.

Mums are angels. Treat them as such. If you have a mum or someone who plays that role in your life, I challenge you to cherish her now that she is still here as she won’t be forever.

To those grieving the loss of their mum, I pray that you will experience the overwhelming love of God this season. And that God will encourage and strengthen you.

To those whose mums weren’t really there for them, my heart goes out to you. I pray for healing and mending of your broken hearts. I pray that God will help you not to be resentful towards your mum and He will give you wisdom on what to do.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mum. Thank you for all you do!💜

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