To The One I Love

I wrote this post about a year ago. And it sums up how my walk with my Lover has been❤️. Please have a read. Thanks🙂

Grace Over Pain

I met you when I knew I needed a very close friend and quickly I became obsessed with you. I can’t imagine life without you. Hanging out with you has become the best thing I do. I love singing to you and watch you smile as you listen to me sing. I love spending the entire day with you. The interesting thing about our friendship is that I can never get enough of you and being around you is never boring.

I remember telling you how I felt about you and the intimate relationship we shared until you revealed to me that you have always felt a stronger love for me.

You told me you always wanted me. I feel bad for how I treated you. Not paying attention to how you felt. I tried running from you but you remained persistent. The more I ran, the more I felt…

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