When I No Longer Desire God

Ever felt like you are in a place where you no longer long for God? Spending time with God looks like a big mountain that you really don’t want to climb. You know what you are meant to do but you don’t just have the desire to do them. You know you should pray, and study the word but you just can’t be bothered about it. You’re getting all the convictions and still you’re sat watching TV.

You might read this title and feel this post is not for you because desire is a strong word. You might be thinking you always desire God. But our actions prove if our words are true or not. As you read, i urge you to search your heart.

We find ourselves making series of excuses as to why we can’t spend time with God. You have a job. You run a business. You have kids. Or maybe your excuse is that you have a husband. Being a single mum is hard so that sounds like a justifiable reason.

I get it. I understand. I sympathise with you. I find myself making these excuses sometimes too. However i have come to realise that the time i spend with God is the time i get refilled to continue my task. Some of us are running on empty. We are constantly stressed and worn out. Life is tough and it can be very overwhelming.

The more task we have, the more it becomes crucial for us to spend time with God.

I personally find this challenging. I work full time, with a husband and young kids, i have my blog, my girls group. All of these take time to juggle. So if anyone should understand, i completely do. It’s easy for someone who doesn’t leave the house till late in the day to advice someone else to wake up early and spend hours praying before leaving the house.

Despite saying this, i have realised that we often make excuses for something we don’t want to do. If we want to do it, we will find a way to do it. If you are like me, you can’t find time to spend with God because really there is no enough time in the day. You just have to create time for it. If it’s important to us, then we should do it. So to be honest, it’s never a lack of time issue. It’s a heart issue. It’s lack of desire. Matthew 6:21 sums it up by saying, Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

The more we spend time with God, the more we will long for His presence. Communication builds a relationship. If i live with my husband and i don’t talk to him for 1 month, the level of my intimacy with him will certainly decrease. Do you remember that friend who you used to chat with all the time, it felt like you both were besties. But when that friend moved to a different city and you both stopped communicating, how quick the fondless died? This is exactly how our relationship with God is.

If you find yourself no longer desiring God, the best thing you can do is to get back to spending time with God. Because you haven’t done it for a while, it might take a little bit of getting used to again. However, the more you do it, the easier it will become.

How do i create time to spend with God in my busy life?

First and foremost, you need to break yourself free from people bondage and stop beating yourself up if a particular pattern doesn’t work for you. If morning works for you, do it. Personally i don’t buy into the argument that you have to do it in the morning. Like i said before, it’s easy to say this when it works for you. God will not hold up a rod against you neither will He restrain Himself from you just because you decide not to do this in the morning. Do what works for you. I used to do mine in the morning but it didn’t work for me because i was so conscious of time. My mind was more on the fact i needed to rush so i could start getting the kids ready for school and not go late to work. So now i do things differently.

I will share what i do as an example.

Once i wake up in the morning, i say a prayer. I find the bible app very useful, i look for a scripture to meditate on for the day. Most times, a scripture comes to my mind. Other times, i use the bible verse for that day on my bible app.

So remember how i said we have to create time for this. That is basically what i try to do. My kids go to bed at 8pm. So from that time till 9pm, i sort out things for the next day. From 9pm till 10pm, it’s my quiet time. I try to stick to this plan most times but there are times i push the time a bit more. I realised i am a better wife and mum when i do this. I’m able to serve my husband and kids as unto the Lord. I’m able to have self control and not flare up at every single thing.

If you can’t do evenings, you can do it in your car or a quiet place during your lunch break at work.

It’s very important for us to invest in this area of our lives because we cannot give what we don’t have. I challenge you today to stop making excuses. Stop using the blessings that God has given you as excuses to withdraw from His presence. It’s very easy to allow God’s blessings in our lives to become our idols. If we don’t check ourselves, we will soon find out that we are adoring and worshipping our kids, husbands, careers, businesses, education more than God. That is a very dangerous zone to be in because God doesn’t share His glory. He is a jealous God.

The word of God is life and light. When we unplug ourselves from our Source, our light goes dim because there is nothing to illuminate our hearts anymore. As a result we find ourselves gradually sliding backwards to sin. The fruits of the flesh begin to spring out of us.

Come back to your first love. Come back to the One who can fill you. Stop running around on empty so you don’t burn out. You will be of no good to yourself or anyone else if you are burning.

Thanks for reading.

Do you struggle in this area?

Do you have advice for someone who is struggling? Please share and leave your comments below.

God bless!

27 thoughts on “When I No Longer Desire God

  1. A great post Efua cause its real and your spot on my friend. Those are some of the worst seasons I have had. Its usually happened because I allow myself to get to busy with other stuff that really has no value or if I’m struggling with something The father of lies loves nothing more than a distracted Christian who has forgotten how to approach God! I hate that feeling of feeling like I am dead again, like I’m a zombie and there is a numbness. One day leads to a week and all of a sudden you haven’t said a word to God for a month. You start to drop your guard…

    My advice to any believer who is struggling in the area you have written about is to recognise and acknowledge what’s happening early. Christians usually to take action long after we have gotten off track so we need to train ourselves to respond early. Once we learn to seek God when its fresh and we make good choices, we are exercising our spiritual muscles, our ability to resist the devil gets better and instead of being anxious we trust that the peace of god which transcends all understanding is enough. We feed the good stuff and keep that desire for God burning.

    Sorry for an essay type answer lol, but I have been though this heaps and found God to be awesome with the way he restores us. Its hard stuff to learn but in the end we can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain.

    I love that you wrote about that. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Well said Evad! “The father of lies loves nothing more than a distracted Christian who has forgotten how to approach God!” This quote is very true. Having gone through this struggle as well, I can totally relate to God’s restoring power. I feel as Christians we sometimes shy away from discipline our flesh and hide under grace. Paul talked about how he finds himself doing what he doesn’t want to do and he went on to talk about how he disciplines himself to make it subject to the spirit of God. This is a life long journey which I believe every Christian will relate to in some point of their walk. Acknowledging it early and doing something about it is key.

      I love it when people take time to go into details in their comment. You have indeed added substance to this post. For that i am grateful!

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  2. Amen Efua. I like when you said, “… you can’t find time to spend with God because really there is no enough time in the day. You just have to create time for it. If it’s important to us, then we should do it. So to be honest, it’s never a lack of time issue. It’s a heart issue. It’s lack of desire. ”

    It really is a hear issue and that is something I continually struggle with becuase by the time I get home from school its 5, then I eat at 6:30, have homework and then spend time with family; so it is hard.

    But now I’m learning that any time I have should be spent in God’s Word, not the things of this world.

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    1. I feel you bro! This week I have been meditating on how Paul talks about discipline his flesh to make it succumb to the spirit. And also there is a scripture that says whoever we obey is our master. Those two scriptures have been on my heart and it’s challenged me not to be a lazy Christian. It’s a good reminder for us all I guess. We are graced for it. I will be praying for strength for you. Blessings!


      1. Thank you so much for the prayer for strength Efua and I will do the same. I think it’s important to continually read God’s Word so that we don’t become susceptible to laziness about reading His Word.

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      2. Very true. The devil is crafty and we will do all he can to make us not eat what will feed our soul until we become malnourished enough for him to attack. We’ll stay vigilant and prayed up! God bless!


  3. I appreciate your words, especially coming from a busy wife with young children and a job. I’m past that point, but still can struggle having concentrated time with the Lord each day. Part of it is a lack of developing discipline. I am much closer in my relationship with God now than I used to be. Being 21 and a mother of 2 by the time I actually met Jesus, I had not been raised reading the Bible and praying each day. If I could do a 15 minute devotional each day, I was doing stellar job when I was raising my children. I resorted to listening to a lot of Scripture songs and Christian radio. I learned a lot of Scriptures from my children’s cassettes and the Worship songs we did in church. Kind of thin feedings, but that’s what I could wrap my mind around at that point. I believe the best thing you can do is seek the Lord and ask the Spirit to show you what’s right for you. Seasons change and challenges are different, but He WILL increase your desire and lead you to His feet if you just ask!

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    1. Wow!!! I completely agree!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this. Seasons change and challenges are different. So true. I didn’t start this way either. It built up with time. I think it’s sad when people feel they aren’t doing enough just because they can’t spend as much time others spend. I believe your comment will help others. I remember when 15mins was all I could do. But as I continued to give Him that, I began to enjoy His presence more and I longed for more. Your comment is soooo good Sis! God bless you!


  4. Absolutely love this!!! Great suggestions. You are right it is important to make time for Him. I really agree when you said the more we have the more we need to give to Him ❤

    I'm going to add this post to the community spotlight. ❤

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  5. Oh yeah!! From time to time, as Christians, we find that our first love is waxing cold. Just this weak, my pastor shared a quote with us. “when you don’t feel like praying, pray until the desire to pray returns”
    Thank you for the powerful post.

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  8. Crystal Lasta

    Praise God for this post, Efua. I really needed this. I’ve been struggling with my personal devotions. I realized I’ve had misplaced priorities. And look, I’m still single. How even more challenging it could have been if I already had a family!

    Thank you for encouraging your readers to just create time for God. Thanks, for sharing how it worked for you. May it work for the rest of us. May God bless you and your family more!


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    1. I thank God this ministered to you Sis. It’s an area that is challenging for many. However with the help of the Holy Spirit and with us being intentional about it, we will do better❤️

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