The Name of Jesus Christ

Have you ever wondered what and how your life would be like if your last name could literally open any door? Have you ever wondered the privileges you would enjoy if your dad was the most powerful man in the world? I have an idea of how fast your mind is exploding with this thought because mine does as well.

I feel sometimes we don’t know the authority in the name of Jesus Christ. And as such we don’t utilise it well. I have been reflecting on this for a while and I have been meditating on Philippians 2:9-11. It says,

Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor

and gave him the name above all other names,

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.

The name of Jesus Christ is above all names. If you noticed it doesn’t mean Jesus’ name is above every human name only. It means, His name is bigger than anything/person that has a name. This includes the names of every other god, every spirit, addiction, sickness, anything that can be named.

His name is higher than all.

Greater than all.

Stronger than all.

Mightier than all.

Every other name surrenders to His name.

His name has been tested and tried many times. Not a single time has He failed. The same name of Jesus Christ that did great miracles is still effective today. This makes Him dependable.

There is so much assurance in the name of Jesus Christ. I have proven this to be true so many times – from little things to big things.

Oh what a privilege we have that we really do not utilise well.

I feel sometimes we struggle to connect with something we cannot see and this is exactly the case with spiritual matters. We would rather phone a friend when we need help instead of calling on Jesus Christ.

I used to have it in my subconscious that Jesus Christ answered to difficult and challenging situations only. I was never told this by anyone but my actions proved this was my belief. I would talk to Him about big stuff but the little everyday things, i tried figuring out myself.

However the more i get to know God, the more i realise His name that can raise the dead, can also strengthen me when i am weak. Now i am consciously getting into the habit of calling Him first before telling anyone else. Many times i don’t even need to tell someone else because He answers me straight away.

Let me tell you one of the most beautiful testimonies i have ever had in my life :). I was going through a tough season last year. I was nursing my son Zachary who was about 4 months old at the time. And because i wasn’t getting enough rest from the stress i was putting myself through by thinking endlessly over something i had no control over, my milk supply decreased. It was a saturday night and i woke up to express breastmilk that i was going to use to feed Zachary with in church on sunday. After 30mins, i couldn’t get 1 ounce of milk. I prayed and simply told God to increase my milk supply because i didn’t want to give my baby formula milk (i have nothing against giving babies formula milk and i’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just my personal preference not to give my babies until they are 6 months old). After praying, i started expressing again and to my greatest surprise, i was able to get 12 ounces in another 30 mins. I knew this was a miracle. And it also gave me an assurance that the name of Jesus Christ isn’t only available to do great miracles but it’s also available for the little things we need.

Since that experience i have been using it more and He has never failed me. So my friend today i dare you to use the name of Jesus Christ more. Call on His name before picking up your phone to call someone else. Call on His name before doing a google search. Call on His name before making a tweet about that challenge. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ today. He will not disappoint you.

Blessings 🙂


25 thoughts on “The Name of Jesus Christ

  1. Joan

    Thank you Efua for your honesty and boldness in sharing this story. I’m sorry you went through all that. May God continue to use you to bless us. You are an inspiration and so so so amazing. God bless you sis.

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  3. There is power in the name of Jesus. Yes, we need to call on him daily, in truth, to help us in our times of need, but also to hear from him what he has for our lives, and then to follow him wherever he leads us and to do what he calls us to do.

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    1. Absolutely. I think we sometimes become too familiar with His name that we begin to underestimate the power in it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for shedding more light into this post. I love the part where you talked about us following His lead. When we know the privilege we have, and we trust Him totally, then we will be willing to follow His leading. I really appreciate your comment Sue. God bless you!🙂

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      1. Efua, Yes, I agree, we can become too familiar and thus casual about the name of Jesus. It is the same with the term “Lord,” which has become more of a “title” for Jesus than the reality of what that word means. For, if he is Lord of my life, that means he is owner-master of my life, which is why he died for us, so that we might become his possession, for we were bought back for God with the blood of Jesus, therefore our lives and our bodies are not our own to do with whatever we want, but we are to honor God with our lives and with our bodies.

        Following his lead means he is Lord of our lives. When we go our own way, and we don’t follow him, then he isn’t truly Lord. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about Jesus, our Lord, becoming too familiar to us, to where we not only underestimate his power in our lives, but to where we limit his control over our lives, too. So, you are right when you say that when we trust him fully, then we will follow his leading, and then, too, will we know his power in our lives. They go hand-in-hand. Thank you!

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      2. Yessss!!!! I truly cannot day anything more. You hit the nail on the head with this comment. I truly appreciate you and I pray more revelation of God for you. Blessings!

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  4. survivethehorror

    Wow this is amazing. This is beautiful. Almost everyday I struggle with depression because of a breakup, and whenever I feel down, I try putting the burden on other people by texting them on facebook’s messenger, but they won’t always show the sympathy that I seek, because not everybody can handle people that vent. All this time I could have been going to Jesus first. I love to study the Bible, but I don’t pray enough like I should. Thank you for sharing your story.

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    1. Thanks for your comment and bravery in sharing your story Sis. Break up can be very hard. I totally understand how you feel as I have being there. I will be praying for you. God will lead you through this season. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

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