Doubting if God is There?

The year is just starting and I know we all will need the reminder that God is with us at some point.

What held me together last year was knowing God was with me. I know we hear this a lot. But there is difference between I heard God is/can be with me and I know God is with me. Does this mean I never had moments when I felt like He wasn’t there? No. I sure had. And to be honest I had quite a few of those moments. In one of those, I remember feeling guilty about the way I was feeling. I prayed to God apologising for my doubts and told Him I still needed a sign that He had my back.

Before I could finish that prayer, I saw a vision where He was sat on His throne with Jesus by His side. He stretched out His hand to me. I saw bright light descending from his hand towards mine. The light was so bright and it came with a force that was strong enough to pull me upwards until I wrapped my hands and buried my head at His feet. As I was doing this, He looked down on me, smiled and pulled me towards Him and the vision ended. Gosh the warmth and the peace I felt can’t be put into words.

Did this put an end to everything I was going through? No. But what it did was that it gave me hope and changed my perspective. The challenges stayed but they weren’t affecting me as before because I started focusing more on God. The more I focused on Him, the more I magnified Him above my challenges.

So if you are having one of those days, trust me God is there with you. Don’t be scared to be honest with Him. Tell Him exactly how you feel. He made you and He knows exactly what to do for you to feel His love.

Last year I really felt the tenderness of God. God is not an angry man with a rod in His hand to strike us whenever we waver. In my lowest moments, He came and met me where I was and made me realise that He’s got me.

God’s got you too.

Just felt like sharing this testimony today and i’m praying it encourages anyone who is feeling low❤️.


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