Using Prayer as a Mask

It was Eid season. My daughter came back from school unhappy. Like every parent, i was interested to know why she didn’t come out jumping on me as usual. Isabella is always happy, bubbly and cheerful. I thought probably she didn’t finish her work in school or someone made her upset. But in reply to my question of why she was unhappy, she gave me an answer that surprised me in a good way. She said i am unhappy because some people in my class are celebrating Eid. That means they don’t worship Jesus. I don’t want them to go to hell fire. When i get to school tomorrow i’m going to tell them that they need to love Jesus Christ and start going to church, she said.

We live in England and despite my kids go to a faith school, there is a lot of restrictions on what you can do when it comes to telling others about your faith. My maternal instinct to protect my child kicked in. Knowing my daughter, i knew she was sure going to do this in school the next day. And i didn’t want her to get in trouble as a result. So in fear and panic, i told her she didn’t need to tell them about it, that we should pray for her friends. We held hands and prayed together. She’s always prays that everyone in her class will love Jesus Christ. So i felt she will be ok with my answer.

Prayer is good. But in this case, i was using it as a tool to mask my fears and to silence my daughter from speaking up. I got convicted afterwards. I repented and told her that she can tell her friends about Jesus Christ in a loving way. I showed her how to go about this and i also made her realise that she can make them love Jesus Christ by the way she lives her life in school – showing love.

I drew out 2 life lessons from this incidence.

Firstly, like my 6 years old daughter, do i show godly sorrow when i see people who don’t love Jesus Christ? Does it bother me to the point where i feel i need to do something about it? Or do i just talk and not show any action. Do i feel it’s my responsibility to make that neighbour or colleague to know about Jesus Christ or do i live the job for the next christian to do?

Secondly, my reaction surprised me. It was like God showing me to me. You see it’s easy to say i can die for the sake of the gospel until a gun is pointed at your face. The reality of the days we are now living in hit me. Jesus Christ said;

If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. Matthew 16:25.

I felt it was God trying to show me something through that incidence because immediately i reacted the way i did, conviction came in instantly and i began to reflect on how hard it will be for us to share Christ as the day draws nearer.

Secondly, why do i pray? Is it to mask my fear? Is it a camouflage to delay me from doing what i need to do? Is it a way of me hiding away? These were exactly what i did. And it made me start thinking of the many times we find it ‘safer’ to say ‘i’ll pray about it’ when we know God needs us to speak up. “Oh i need God to confirm it to me”. Are you really sure about that? Or is it a ‘holy lie’ that you are using to shy away from doing what needs to be done?

This year, let’s not be passive about Jesus Christ. Let’s follow and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit always. Let’s be conscious of the time we are living in and grab every opportunity that comes up for us to tell someone about Jesus Christ. I know we can bring people to Christ via our lifestyles but this should never take the place of speaking to them too. Paul said,

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes–the Jew first and also the Gentile. Romans 1:16

Don’t be ashamed to tell someone about the One who you believe in.

29 thoughts on “Using Prayer as a Mask

  1. heavenlyminded22

    Lovely TESTIMONY! PLEASE READ MY BLOG – I am going to have a new post up by next sunday 3pm English standard time titled “Praying out of Love”Thankyou and God Bless Fellow Sister in JESUS CHRIST. Love and KINGDOM Blessings x

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  2. Thank you for your post, Efua. I liked that you talked about how prayer can be a tool that we are using to mask our fears. Sometimes, we do that because we don’t want to speak out; especially during this day and age.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this ❤ It is convicting 🙂 Something I've also pondered about. I think it's good to pray on the spot in these situations. "God, help me find words. Help direct the situation." For clarity. You're absolutely right. If we are hiding in prayer because we felt the prick or push to discuss Christ or something He's led us to. I always feel troubled when speaking out of obligation. It doesn't feel right. But your daughter, it clearly comes from her heart and her love for Christ and others. That's exactly how we should be. Where the fruit of the Spirit is evident in our heart, and on the outside of our armor. ❤

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    1. I know how you feel sis. It can be daunting and a bit scary. God sees your heart and He knows you want to do this. I would suggest you pray about it and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. What I do now is that I pray every morning that the Holy Spirit will help me to be sensitive to opportunities for me to share my faith with others when they arise. And I trust Him to give me the right words to say. Most times, the conversation starts as an encouragement and it builds up from there. This pattern often works with people I see all the time e.g neighbors and work colleagues. After encouraging them, I let them know that I will be praying to God for them too.

      This is not a formula. This is just how the Holy Spirit leads me most times.

      Pray and trust Him Sis. He will give you the right words.❤️
      Blessings and peace to you🙂❤️❤️


  4. Speak! I have been thinking heaps about how we can often spend way to much time being followers of Christ instead of being disciples of Christ. I think as followers its easy to walk by the side and think if they see the way I live they may see Jesus but as a disciple we have no choice but to speak. Sharing what we learn about our teacher is natural. So its time to be disciples, just like your daughter!

    Thank ya for sharing Efua. Hope you are doing awesome

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      1. Hey Evad! I thought as much. Trust you enjoyed the conference? Can see you have a new post up. I’ll catch up later in the day. Blessings to you!


      2. The conference was awesome, theme was discipleship and the speakers were really good! The wife and I were helping out there but got heaps out of it. Lots of inspiration

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  5. Ouch! That hit home as something I have been guilty of—hiding behind the “I’ll pray about it” mask. Thanks for that push to be aware of the times we do that instead of stepping out in faith (when we already know what God wants us to do).

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    1. Thanks Sis. I am glad this post ministered to you. It’s an area i still find myself struggling with sometimes. I thank God for the Holy spirit’s conviction that is always helping us get our hearts checked. Blessings to you!🙂

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