Reflecting on 2017

I won’t be on here tomorrow because I will be spending time with family and friends. So this will be my last post this year 🙂

As i reflect on 2017, this song sums up what my prayer has been, what i know God is and what my prayer for 2018 is. Certainly one of my favourite songs. Enjoy and have a beautiful new year celebration. I pray that it will be a year when we all experience God in a way we’ve never had before.


I pray that the next year will give us all reasons to smile😊.

Thank you for your support this year.

Happy new year!

18 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2017

      1. I agree. If you don’t mind me asking sis, but do you have planed blogging-wise?

        For me, I will be starting off the new year with the focus on the Purpose of Fasting in a 3-part miniseries. I hope that you will join me in the upcoming journey in 2018.

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      2. Hey bro. I intend to cover certain topics that has been on my heart within the next few weeks. Don’t want to do any series at the moment since I just finished one.

        I will definitely be checking out your posts. Fasting is a very important spiritual weapon. Super excited to read what God lays on your heart. God bless


      3. Love pastor Steven and I love that quote. The devil knows that there is power in prayer hence he will do all he can to make us do it shabbily or avoid it in total. Prayer helps our spiritual antenna to stay connected to the spirit of God. It keeps us vibrant in the spirit. I don’t believe we can live a victorious Christian life without prayers


    1. The list of those who I’m glad I met this year won’t be complete without your name in it sis. You’ve been a tremendous support. Thanks for reading, liking and commenting on my posts. Thanks for all your encouragement. I pray that all your heart desires will be granted by God. Amen to your prayers for me❤️🙂. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts in 2018. Have a lovely celebration my soul sister❤️


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