Zachary is 11 months now and like every baby of his age, nappy time isn’t quiet anymore. He is very active and busy. Always looking for what to put in his mouth, scatter, pull, rip and break lol. Our nappy time is always with me chasing him on my knees with one nappy tape undone.

The good news is that i figured out how to keep him still by giving him something. And nope it isn’t something fancy. It’s just a shiny empty baby wipe pack. Whenever he wants to go away, i quickly give him the empty wipe pack. Interestingly this makes him forget about what he wants to do and he entertains himself with the sound it makes when he squeezes it.

Distraction. How often do we get distracted from our assignment? It’s a lie to think the devil isn’t smart. He knows how to divert our attention away from that which God wants us to do. Just like i have studied my son to see what can distract him, the devil studies us too. I tried toys but they didn’t work until i found something that works. Like the empty wipe pack, the stuff the devil gives us is always very attractive. Something that catches our eyes – lust of the eyes. He knows once our eyes can’t leave it, then our mind connects with it. So he ensures whatever he is using to distract us is well packaged and sounds great. As my baby squeezes that empty pack, he loves the sound. The devil makes the idea sellable by ensuring the lines he tells us are pleasing to our eyes. You will be like God. He told Eve (Genesis 3:4). C’mon who wouldn’t fall for this? He knows exactly what our flesh loves to hear and since he succeeded with Eve, he hasn’t given up.

To be honest, i struggle with this too. There’s a lot going on around us. Technology has done so much good but we can’t also deny that the devil is using it as a form of distraction as well. There is so much noise around us. It’s very difficult to connect with God in the midst of these distractions. We sometimes find the noise from the empty baby wipe pack annoying. Yes we understand we are distracted. Most times this comes to light when we have spent hours on social media, TV, games or doing that thing that isn’t important. Despite we know we are wasting our time, we find ourselves accustomed to these things that we have slowly become numb to the pain that distraction causes. You know that feeling when you’ve been sat for hours playing a game when you should be tidying up the house. But you still find a way to justify what you’ve just done.

I remember sitting for a long time scrolling through my phone and saying “i should really be doing some reading now”. 1 hour later i was still on my chair with my phone in my hand. Yes that is the power of distraction. God has given us the ability to overcome this regardless. One thing i have realised is that our will is powerful. We can talk about how we want to stop doing certain things for years but until we do it, it makes no difference in our lives.

How do we overcome distractions?

  • Don’t be in denial of things that are distracting you. Pray and let the Holy Spirit reveal these things to you. You might be surprised by this. But there are good things we spend too much time doing, that can become distractions too.
  • Come up with a plan on how to deal with this. A strategy as simple as having a To Do List can go a long way. I read a blog by T.R Noble recently and i was amazed and challenged by how organised she is. I will definitely be doing a blogging plan for next year. (Thanks sis :))
  • Stick to your plan and also allow a little room for flexibility especially for someone like me with 3 kids.
  • Learn to say no to certain things. You are not Jesus Christ. You can’t be everywhere and you can’t do everything. Don’t bite more than you can chew.
  • Look for accountability partners. People who are good in this area and who can really help you.

I hope this you find these tips helpful and useful.

Do you have more tips? Please leave it in the comment section below.

God bless! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. It is so incredible what the internet has made possible for practicality, communication, and knowledge among people.
    From different parts of the world, people take notice of other people and realities that may be similar or antagonistic to their own circumstances. And so they can share their experiences and become virtually present.

    I also thank Google Translate for allowing me to communicate in any language in the world. This is undoubtedly the beneficial aspect of technology.

    But it seems that all markets in all areas are subject to the unethical action of a cunning, this is the world. The digital environment and the Internet are no different and facilitate and foster these practices, stimulated by anonymity.

    And, as we understand it, the worship of technology is profane, as well as any worship strange to God.

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      1. I realize that we can be useful to the Lord in different ways because we must be moved by the Spirit, both to simple things and complex things, all under His supervision because we believe, and we seek to be loyal to the Lord Jesus.


    1. Thank you uncle. And I thought I should let you know I started walking today. Yes I can now do that stuff grown ups do when they are moving around with their legs. I am very giggling when doing it. It feels fun😬. Everyone is excited about it so I guess it’s a good thing😬

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  2. What really spoke to me is how you said we need to be aware and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the truth. 🙂 I’ve been asking His Spirit to prick me when I need to be aware, and I’m glad you talked about this.

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