God is on Both Ends

I thought i should share this to encourage you today. This year has been a very rough ride to be honest. However, as i break down the events that has unravelled this year, i can surely see God through them all. A lot has happened. Situations that aren’t so good. But all of these has drawn me closer to God.

In the darkest hour, He shows up. He is present in the highs just as He is in the lows. Sometimes we go through things that aren’t so good in life and we question a lot of things. We ask the ”why?’ questions which we often get no answers for.

As you read this post today, you might be thinking there is nothing to celebrate this year. You might be thinking you were financially better off last year. Emotionally better. You might not have achieved all your goals for the year. I dare you to try and see God in it all. Remember your life is in His hands. You are loved by God more than you can ever know. Do you really think He has no plan for you? Do you believe He will bring you to this world and allow you wander around aimlessly? No! You are His. He has responsibility for you. He does. Never think you are all by yourself. I know life makes us feel this way sometimes but we are certainly not all by ourselves. We have the Holy Spirit in us. Each time those tears drop from your eyes, God sees and feels them. Each time you get a heartbreak, God feels it too. The good news in all of the pain and hurt is this.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

This scripture has proven to be true for me. And i know it will be for you too because you love God. Loving God is the secret to this benefit. I personally believe that because i am His, He’s got me always. Knowing this helps me cope better in hard times.

So if you are reading this and you don’t have a good relationship with God, i will encourage you to please do. Say a prayer and tell Him to come into your life. Tell Him you have surrendered and you want Him to be your Lord. That is all you need to do.

If you’ve done the above, welcome into the fold.

God holds your future.

He’s got you!

25 thoughts on “God is on Both Ends

  1. Such a great and encouraging post, Efua. God has us no matter what we may be going through and there seems to be no way out. God will provide a way, we just have to keep watch for it. Every tear that falls, should be a reminder that we are human and that there is a God who loves us and is willing to be there for us.

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  2. He has you for sure Efua! Whenever you are in a dark season remember the times when you have been held by the Trinity. The father of lies loves it when we Christians suffer form spiritual amnesia. Not only is he on both ends, he is also right in the middle. Thanks as always for sharing

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    1. Thanks Evad. I love it when you said “Not only is he on both ends, he is also right in the middle.” This is powerful because most times the middle is the place where uncertainty creeps in. That place when one minute I think I am Ok and the next minute I begin to question what I already know. Thanks for this great reminder my friend. Yes! God is also in the middle of it all!

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  3. riverlifepsalms1

    When I read the title and saw the tree, I thought about how God is on both ends of the growth process as well. I saw an image of the roots in my mind, the foundation, or even the seed from whence it all begins. Then I saw the leaves, or if a fruit bearing tree, the fruit, and how God causes us to bear fruit. Awesome post Sis!

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    1. Wow! That is powerful. I didn’t even think of that. Thank you so much for this revelation. Most times we admire the branches and the fruits on the tree but we forget and despise the fruit that had to get rotten in the soil for the beautiful and juicy fruits to grow. The God that was present in the germination season is the same God that is present in the harvest season. And like Evad said, He is also the same God in between the process – the stages we can’t see or understand. He is God!!!


  4. riverlifepsalms1

    Yes Lord! Lord, with the wisdom and strength that You give us, we’ll forever praise Your name and glorify You alone! You’re worthy Lord, and thank You for using this platform called WordPress, and for assembling and anointing us for Your purpose. Blessings and strength to you my dear Sister!

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      1. Bro! Omg!!! Linking this with T.R’s post. Amazing amazing amazing!!! This is making me so emotional in a good way. It affirms the fact that God loves me soooooo much and He always hears my little whispers of prayers. I have done a quick research and even before i started the word that came to my mind with regards to Shabbat was Sabbath and the word rest. But as i am not good at all with non english words, i decided to still find out. Honestly like i said in T.R’s post, i have been feeling overwhelmed of late and sometimes i feel like i have bitten more than i can chew. I know i haven’t but i always feel this way when i need to take a break and rest in God.

        I used to go on instagram a lot and i decided to delete the app and only download it when i need to post a message and delete again afterwards. For the past 3 days, i haven’t been deleting the app but despite this, i don’t even go on there. I have no desire for it anymore. The same with other social medias. I know God is pulling these things away from my mind so it can be clear enough to hear Him. But for me to hear Him i need to go on a “shabbat”. I need to REST in His presence. And forget about the timescale i have placed on things. I need to desire Him more than i desire to do other stuff.

        In that place of resting in His place, i will “shabach” – shout with a voice of praise to God because of what He will do in me in this season.

        Wowwww!!!! Now i have gone from tears to excitement. I have a big grin on my face. I am so happy for this message and i am going to comply.

        I am grateful to God indeed for this platform that made me meet people like you. You have been a blessing to me bro and i am sure God is using you to change other lives. So keep your ears close to God as He continues to speak through you.

        Blessings upon blessings bro!

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      2. riverlifepsalms1

        Wow! Look at God! I’ve been feeling a bit weepy-eyed lately, especially when just thinking about God and seeing all He’s doing around us (well, the part He allows me to see) And this response just created a well-spring inside and I know it’s just the beginning as we walk in this new season of our lives..

        God is going to help you organize and prioritize. Some thing’s that we do and have done, were only for preparation, so trust when God strikes that from our list. Ex. I was a Facebook fanatic, but before I disconnected my account, God said, in this next season, you won’t use Facebook. Then a little later, He said cut it off. He planted the seed, watered and nurtured it, and when it was time to end it, I did.

        It’s hard to see ourselves functioning beyond what God uses to prepare us sometimes, but then He reveals the platform that He chooses, and it’s better!!! Often times this revelation won’t fully be revealed until we first obey…(just take the leap)

        Kingdom Blessings to you my dear Sister!

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  5. There have been a lot of fears and ups and downs this year. But God WAS ALWAYS THERE! And I am strengthened by His presence alone because not only was He there with me, but He provided answers, and if not answered He stood by and gave me assurance in all forms.

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