1 Year Anniversary

Grace Over Pain is a year old! Wow! This is really humbling. Although i started writing in January, i was not confident enough to tell others that i had a blog until March. Looking back now, i can see how God has grown my confidence since then :).

I am grateful to God for the privilege of having this platform. I am not where i was a year ago spiritually. This blog has certainly pushed me closer to God.

I am grateful for the community of believers i have met here. It’s crazy how it sometimes feels like i know you all personally lol. It’s been an exciting journey i must say.

Thank you for reading my not so good writings. I am still learning and trying to improve my writing skills. Thank you for your support. When i started, i never knew anyone would subscribe to my blog. To see today that i have 185 subscribers is mind blowing.

This blog has been viewed 5,167 times by 1,984 people in 64 countries. All i can say is thank you and thank you God for this!

Grace Over Pain is all about Jesus Christ. I am grateful to God for the lives He is changing via this medium. I am mindful to keep my focus here on Jesus Christ and i am glad you are joining me on this ride.

I will do a post soon on why i chose my blog name. I have a story to tell so keep your eyes peeled!

God bless you all and thanks again!

29 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary

    1. Oh Lynn❤️. Thank you so much for those sweet words🙂. It’s been a blessing coming here. Thank you for your tremendous support. God bless you my sis❤️


    1. Congrats on starting your blog. Little tips for you. 🙂
      Stay true to yourself.
      Engage with other bloggers by following and reading their blogs.
      Blog frequently.
      As i’m sure you know everything does take time so with time it will grow.
      God bless you! 🙂

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