Will You Believe the Answer to Your Prayer When it Comes?

Are you praying with an expectation to receive? Or are you just praying because you are expected to pray. It can be very challenging to stay praying in faith when we’ve been praying the same prayer point for years. Sometimes we get so used to praying for that thing that each time we pray, that prayer point comes up in the same manner and same words. When it becomes like this, our lips can mutter those lines but our heart might not  be in it. I have found myself in this situation before. Zechariah was in the same boat as well.

Him and his wife Elizabeth have been praying for a child for years. Now they are old and things are getting very blurry. Zechariah has fallen into the trap of praying without expectation.

I am not blaming Zechariah because although i can’t fully relate to his experience, i know what it feels like to be waiting on something. He is a priest and everyone expects him to just carry on with life. “C’mon Zechariah, this is your cross and you should be able to walk through this”. So Zechariah continues serving.

The angel of the lord came to him as he was serving in the temple and told him that his prayers has been heard and answered. But instead of leaping for joy, Zechariah said;

“…….., “How can I be sure this will happen? I’m an old man now, and my wife is also well along in years.” Luke 1:18

I hear doubt from his answer. “How can i be sure this will happen?” The long wait has tempered with his faith. He now wants a proof. He wants to be sure.

I don’t know what it is that you are praying, trusting and believing God for. I would like to encourage you to stay in faith. God answers prayers.

Zechariah’s reason for doubting was his age and that of his wife. However God has done miracles like this in the past. Zechariah seems to have forgotten the cases of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah and how God heard their cries and opened up their wombs.

Don’t limit God because of the labels man placed on you

Zechariah and Elizabeth were labelled barren. But God made that which man called barren fruitful. I don’t know that label that has been placed on you. Maybe you have been called this since you were born. You might have spent all your life identifying with that label. Maybe it’s sickness, debt, you need a child, joblessness. Remember God can break through those barriers.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

In our season of wait, the devil makes us think we are alone. He makes us believe that what we are going through is worse and no one has ever gone through it before. But all of these are lies. So when next he comes to tell you you cannot do that thing, remind him of how you thought you couldn’t do something in the past and how God helped you to overcome that. Each time he tells you that you can’t come out of that debt, remind him of how God helped that brother or sister pay theirs off. Each time he tells you you will fail this exam, remind him of the many times God has helped you pass exams in the past. Draw strength from your testimonies and that of others.

“And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony…….” Revelation 12:11

If you are wondering if Zechariah got the answer to his request. He did. However his answer might not have been what he was expecting. He was dumb. This was his sign.

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1 

Today i pray that your faith is stirred up. That you don’t walk in doubt and unbelief. That as you pray, you pray with expectation to receive. That your heart is connected to your prayers. I pray that your hope will stay alive. That every blurriness will disappear. That you will be able to hold on and trust, that that which God has said concerning you will come to pass.

Keep hope alive my friend.

God bless you!

17 thoughts on “Will You Believe the Answer to Your Prayer When it Comes?

  1. Rebecca Ngoma

    This is powerful sis Efua.I wish many people could read this and get stirred up in spirit.Praying with expectation is a key in trusting God and answered prayers.May God continue to use you mightly in doing his work!

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  2. G’day Efua, hope you have had a great week! Your prayer at the end is powerful and very encouraging so thank you. Praying from a place of confidence and knowing who God is, Is really important – 2 things that many believers need to grow in I think.

    Thanks for sharing

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    1. My week has been great Evad! Good day to you too. How has your week been?
      You are absolutely right with your comment. It’s one thing to pray and it’s another thing to believe that the One being prayed to is able to answer and He WILL answer us. Knowing who God is is the key to building our confidence. God bless you

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      1. Hey hey, I’m glad your week was good. I am doing good and cant believe this year is just about over!! Very much looking forward to 2018. Did you get a chance to look at the stop the traffic website? Must be snowing there now right?

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      2. I did check out the site. Gosh they are doing an amazing work there. I’ve been looking at ways I can get involved. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. As for the snow, we’re feeling it here. We won’t be when it all starts melting and slippery though😂.. Sure looking forward to seeing what 2018 holds. Good to know your week was good. Welcome to a new one!

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      3. Wow! Just checked it out. Amazing!!! I’ll be finding out more about them. Thank you ever so much Evad! Are you into any of these groups? You seem to have good info regarding this.

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      4. I had a friend who did an internship with IJM a few years ago, she had an amazing experience. I studied international community development at uni so my eyes were opened to human rights stuff. I grieve Efua. I’m trying to work out which area god would be drawing me to most. You?

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      5. Oh wow! That is quite interesting. I have always had a passion to fight injustice ever since I was a child. I was always that little girl who will speak up against any kind of injustice including gender and religious ones. I absolutely HATE it when people are quiet about things like this. I have never been the one to believe in ‘let’s just pray’ when it comes to issues like this. It makes me grieve that most times, that people hide under the mask of prayers when it’s time to act. I believe a lot in prayers but I also believe that faith without works is dead. I have no formal education on anything along this line but it’s just something I cannot close my eyes and mouth against. The world is dark and cruel Evad! My heart bleeds! I am glad we share same interest in this area. I find IJM quite interesting to be honest and my spirit is drawn to them. So like you, I’ll pray about it to see how exactly God wants me to get involved with them. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

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      6. That’s awesome, I’m so glad to hear Efua. I can totally understand why you are so passionate. Just got to remember when our blood is boiling, when we see that not all believers want to act on this stuff well it’s not that no one cares ( no doubt there will be some who would rather have their head in the sand) it’s also cause we are many parts of the one body which means god will put different things on peoples hearts and minds. So with the knowledge you have on the way you are wired, the way god made ya to be outraged at these injustices, I really encourage you to read lots about it and think about doing some study. Can I ask how old you are? Pray about it for sure and ask god to get to the heart of the matter for you, to make it clear. I love working through this stuff with people! Email me if you want to chat further about this.

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      7. You are correct. I often say if the victim was my brother or sister, i won’t only pray. I would do more and i would want others to do more too. But yeah really sad when i think of it. Like you said God does put different things on people’s hearts and mind. I am 30 so yeah a millennial lol..Yes i will email you for sure as it’s becoming clearer as each event unfolds that this is something i would certainly want to be very involved in. Thank you so much for this. I will like to know a lot more about IJM. So i will be doing more research on them.

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  3. Hey Evad! My week has been good. How has yours been?
    You are absolutely right with your comment. It’s one thing to pray and it’s another thing to believe that the One been prayed to is able to answer. Knowing who God is is the key to building our confidence. God bless you!


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