2017 Slave Trade

My heart breaks as I write this. I’m struggling to put my feelings into words. There is no way I can just move on as normal by paying a blind eye to this. I never expected it to get to this height. Slave trade in 2017.

This hits home as a Nigerian. I don’t know why there isn’t enough news coverage about it. I can’t come on here and ignore the plight and pain of my people. Regardless of colour, aren’t we all supposed to be God’s creation? Didn’t God make colour for a reason? Why can’t we just see each other as one? Well if that is too much to ask, how can a human being be sold?

In 2017, it’s sad to know that as I write this, my people are being sold for 400 dollars in Libya. Tears roll down my cheeks as I am trying to visualise this scene.

“Get over slave trade that happened years ago” some say. Slave trade of a truth never ended. Just like racism, it’s been masked and institutionalised.

Aren’t we all human beings? Aren’t we all?

Well some say prayer is all they can do. However in addition to prayer, I am putting this on here for my friends to see. Just so you know that as free as you are living, a fellow human being is being auctioned right now.

I would appreciate it if you could raise awareness too the way you can. Just so, the relevant authorities can act and act quick.

And also, spend a minute to say a prayer. That this heart wrenching act will stop and that there will be confusion in the camp of the perpetrators of this act.🙏🏾

Thank you.

33 thoughts on “2017 Slave Trade

  1. The human being manages to gather the best and the worst, good and evil, in the same species.
    And human greed treats everything as a thing to buy and sell.
    For the money, everything is a commodity, everything has a price and the desired profit; and everything is the object of commerce: people, children, animals, drugs, weapons, even faith, soul, and god.

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      1. money …

        not feel pain,
        not feel fear,
        not feel cold,
        not feel hot,
        not feel hungry,
        not feel anguish,
        not feel loneliness,
        not miss you
        not feel joy,
        not feel happiness,
        not born, nor dies,
        as idol and god of this world money just does not feel …

        “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Timothy 6:10

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      2. True. I don’t think this is really about the money though considering the amount. It’s just another act of wickedness by humans. I still can’t get my head around it.


  2. It is so sad to see this, and you are right, 2017 and we still have to deal with slavery/human trafficking. The world is so cold, how can we move on everyday without raising awareness about Libya? How can we just continue to do everything we did when we didn’t know this was going on? My prayer is not just for the people that are enduring slavery, but also the rest of the World. That we can find some compassion, some empathy, anything that will allow us to feel other people’s pain and to ACT! Thank you for writing this blog, I know it will raise awareness and I know it will encourage someone to act!!

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    1. Thank you so much for this. It’s very heartbreaking and I really don’t understand the reason for the silence. Like you said, it’s hard to just move on and continue to act like nothing is happening. A big amen to your prayers. Very much needed🙏🏾


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  4. G’day Efua, I feel your pain my friend. I remember when I first found out about this stuff. My friend gave me a book about Child soldiers years ago and from there I found out about human trafficking. A massive industry today. I grieve as well and its not just happening in countries that are far far away. Australia, America and your country are all included in this evil business. It’s sad so I will be joining you in prayer.

    https://www.stopthetraffik.org/ If you haven’t seen this already it may be helpful and there is an awesome Christian organisation called international justice mission, worth taking a look as well. Send me a message if you want to talk further on this matter. Peace to you

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    1. Thank you so much Evad. I agree it is everywhere really. It just hurts to know that it has gotten to the point of it being done openly. I never thought in my life time I will ever hear of humans being sold in the market openly. It’s really scary and disheartening.

      Thanks so much for your prayers and for that information you gave. I will certainly be checking them out to see what more I can do. Your prayers are always needed and appreciated.
      Thanks my friend.


      1. Aman Thakur

        You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-),
        inspiringdude.wordpress.com if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)

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