The Similarities Between Joseph and Jesus Christ

On yesterday’s blog post, i mentioned that i could see similarities between Joseph and Jesus Christ which is making me believe that Joseph’s life was prophetic. I went away to do further research and i found a chart that compares both of them with scriptural backings. I believe this reaffirms my belief on this. Please take some time to read the chart via this link. It was eye opening for me and i am sure it will be for you too.

God bless you!

22 thoughts on “The Similarities Between Joseph and Jesus Christ

  1. There are many similarities between the lives that Joseph and Jesus shared. Although born in different times, the circumstances that both of them faced are not coincidental. God was trying to show us how Jesus would live by giving us an example of what Joseph went through.

    Also, I think another scenario that shows a similar picture to Jesus was when Issac and Abraham were going to Mount Moriah and how like them; Jesus too went up on a hill and became the Sacrificial Lamb for us.

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    1. Absolutely. I never knew about Joseph and Jesus’ similarities until this study. Thank God for understanding and revelation.

      And yes Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son Isaac was another picture of God willing to sacrifice Jesus for us. I made a reference to this when I wrote about Isaac.

      Throughout the Old Testament, God left traces of what was to come🙂.

      Thanks for your comment. It’s always appreciated.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting my sight and reblogging this. The writer did an amazing job and i must give him credit for it. I will check out that channel to see if i can watch the programme. God bless you

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      1. “from across the Pond—but God lives in our hearts,,,anywhere!” Yes! One of the beauties in christianity. Distance doesn’t separate us. We are one in Christ.

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