It Could Have Been Me

This morning i have been thinking about what i saw in the news yesterday. Any kind of killing is heart breaking. But for me, yesterday’s shooting in Texas was close home. I don’t live in America but myself and my family go to church to worship and we don’t miss sunday services. This made it hit home. The thought of going into the presence of God and being killed there. The thought of going into the house of God where protection should be guaranteed but yet, it becomes a place where dead bodies are being identified. The thought of going into church with anxiety in hope of laying it at God’s feet but living with a broken heart. The thought of going into church as a complete family and leaving incomplete. All of these thoughts makes my heart heavy.

However it’s reminded me again, that tomorrow is not guaranteed. No one knows his or her last day on earth. Death can happen anytime, anywhere. So it’s very important for us to live every minute for God as though it’s our last. I’m sure those people who died had plans for the day. Sunday is considered as family day by most people. Dinners were cancelled. Appointments and meetings postponed indefinitely due to another hit of tragedy.

As a believer, are you postponing that thing that God has been telling you to do? Do you think it’s best you do it tomorrow. The work of our master requires urgency. This has woken me up again. My pastor is very passionate about evangelism and for some time, it’s been on my heart to do more in this area. It’s time for it to go from the being on my heart zone to me actually doing it.

Those people who died don’t have the chance to do anything anymore. It can be argued but i believe that as a believer our time is in God’s hand and He can call us home anytime whether when we are young or old. Let’s not get so comfortable settling in this earth that we forget we will be leaving someday. We are here to trade and we will be going home when the market closes to give account to our maker on how well we traded.

Don’t get comfortable and complacent that you forget to do what God has assigned to you. Don’t be carried away doing things that don’t really matter to the point where you forget the major thing that matters. Use today wisely.

Praying for the families of the victims and the body of Christ in general🙏🏾

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10 thoughts on “It Could Have Been Me

  1. Time is a funny thing and a gift from God. Ever thought about how long ago some movies were that you saw and get shocked at how long ago it was. I think God is reminding us with time that its not ours and we are not ours and to be very intentional with the time we have. It’s going fast and before you know it we will be on our death beds or in a church services facing death realising that we wasted lots of time focusing on and pursuing things that didn’t matter.

    Thanks for your words Efua, a tad confronting lol but that’s needed.

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    1. Being intentional with the time I have is something I struggle with. I get angry with myself most times for the way I spend my time. Praying to be more disciplined in this area. A wake up call this was for me too; reminding me that every second will be accounted for.
      I am naturally a confrontational person lol.. and I often read my blogs and feel like I should be more gentle with my writing. Still learning and trying to be better. Thanks Evad. May we not be found wanting when we stand before God🙏🏾


  2. I love your post, Efua and I couldn’t agree more. The tragedy that happened in Texas is horrific and should remind us whether as non-believers or Christians that life is short and that someday, our time is up. What we do with our life is our own, but we have to be mindful of what we do during our lives.

    I liked what you said, “…it’s very important for us to live every minute for God as though it’s our last.” because it is a great reminder that every day is a gift and that tomorrow is not promised. If we have the chance to change someone’s life today, we should do it because it could be us that changes that person’s perspective on their situation for the better, but if we don’t take that chance we have each day; we will miss it.

    As you said, one day we will ALL have to give an account for our time on Earth and how we used that time. For me, I want to be an impact on lives and change lives for Christ; even if it’s the smallest gesture because tomorrow is a gift, not a promise.

    Thank you so much for this post-Efua and God bless you on your continued work for Christ.

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    1. “For me, I want to be an impact on lives and change lives for Christ; even if it’s the smallest gesture because tomorrow is a gift, not a promise.” Yes! This is my goal. I want to impact someone life positively everyday. I want the light of God to shine through me everyday. It could be by me giving a hug to that person who hasn’t received a hug in a while. It could be by me whispering “Jesus loves you” into the ears of that homeless man/woman. It could be by me helping that elderly person with carrying groceries. I remember doing this for an elderly lady years ago and she was so shocked and convinced that I was an angel. I was kind of sad about that because it should be a normal way of life. I could be by passing a lovely note through the door of a lonely neighbour. There is so much to do.
      Thanks so much as always for your comment. Your words are always encouraging and challenging in a good way. Blessings to you!


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