There is Something on the Other Side of Our Obedience 

Sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead us to do things that will inconvenience us in order to bring comfort to someone. I am on a journey of obeying the Holy Spirit whenever He leads/tells me to do something. This might sound shocking as it’s expected we do this always. But I used to ignore His leading sometimes because of fear of others not believing and to be honest also because of laziness on my part.

I don’t know what God is leading you to do that you are pushing aside but I just want to share this with you to let you know that there is always something to gain on the other side of our obedience.

2 or 3 weeks ago, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to take off my cornrows and do a message about growth on social media. And He told me to relate it to how my Afro hair is.

I’m not very good with doing hair and it took me a little bit of time to do the one I had on. So telling me to take it off, wash the hair just to do this post, especially when I knew I had to redo it myself wasn’t the most pleasant thing for me to do.

But then I was like you know what I will obey God no matter what. So I went ahead to do it as I tolerated the hassle I had to go through.

After posting that message, someone called me from abroad and was like i have no idea what that post meant to her and her friend. She was telling me how she quickly took a picture of it and sent to her friend just to encourage her because of a conversation they had previously. My heart was filled to the brim on hearing that. This was someone I haven’t spoken to in years.

The other side to the story was that before she dropped the phone, God used her to confirm something I needed confirmation on without her knowing. I was really shocked as she didn’t even know I was battling with this decision. Not only did God confirm it, He also used her to tell me exactly how to do what I wanted to do.

The reason I am sharing this is that, sometimes the answer to our prayer comes when we obey. So you might be praying about something and the Holy Spirit is leading you to do something that isn’t connected to your prayer point and in your eyes you are unable to see how they link up. But when you obey, He can use that uncomfortable situation to bring an answer to your prayer.

Makes me think of how many blessings we have lost due to disobedience. And how many prayer points we are still praying about when God has already given us the key to our answered prayers.

So like Mary told Jesus’ disciples, whatever He tells you to do, do it! (John 2:5)

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