My Confession

Seven years ago, i felt God leading me to start a girls group where girls will be encouraged to honour God with their bodies; letting them know that purity is attainable. He didn’t want it to be a virtual thing. He wanted me to be having face to face meetings with these girls. This was frightening for me. I ignored and fought it because i felt i wasn’t good enough to do something like that. And besides, “who will come? Who will listen to me?” I thought.

I also knew God wanted me to blog but i didn’t do it for same reasons. However this year, i gave in to blogging because i had to stop fighting it. Although i obeyed, it really wasn’t total obedience.

I came into a conclusion (without God) that it was ok for me to carry the vision of the girls group into the blog; thereby avoiding starting the girls group. That was what i did. Initially the blog was directed to young girls and i made the blog look as girly as i could. The battle started when God would give me a topic to talk about and i will tell Him that that particular topic didn’t fit into the theme of the blog. I couldn’t resist not writing them because i knew that that message will be for someone. So i found myself gradually moving away from the idea i had in mind for my blog.

In July, i started the girls group (The Pearls of Purity)! Oh the relief that came from this! The Pearls of Purity meetings has become one of my highlights every month. Being able to serve in this capacity means so much to me. I thank God for the opportunity to be able hear the stories of these young girls and to be able to impact into their lives.

As for my blog, it has been rebranded to serve the purpose for which God originally designed it for.

I have learnt total obedience with this.

I don’t know what God has called you to do. Are you obeying Him totally? Or have you taken a little bit of what He said and mixed it with yours? Are you sieving God’s instructions to take out the ones you feel you can do?

It’s either you obey God totally or you don’t obey at all. There is no in-between.

Partial obedience is same as disobedience.

6 thoughts on “My Confession

  1. Busola


    God help us to be obedient all the way,whether it be convenient or inconvenient. I pray that the lives of many young girls will be transformed as a result of your obedience.

    God bless you!

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