Take Off The Mask

Have you ever wondered how the world will be if we all take off the mask we wear daily? I think of this all the time. I think the challenge we are having is that most of us put on a face that is never 100% real and we expect others to be real. We accuse others of not being genuine. We say things like “oh you need to come out plain so you can get help”. But if we look deep down inside us, we aren’t real ourselves. We have shut and swept so many things beneath the mask we are now used to wearing.

Some of us don’t respect those in our homes but we adore outsiders and  we are seen as the most respectful people outside. We are two faced. Those who live with us get confused when outsiders are describing how amazing we are. We don’t give to those we live with but we are santa claus when we go out. We have the fake us and the real us. We are sinners inside and saints outside. People are unable to talk to us because they know we are wearing a mask like them. So we all just continue living a pretentious life.

You might be saying “well that isn’t me”. But are you are suffering in silence? Is there tears beneath that smile on your face? If someone sees your real image, will bruises, pain, hurts, abandonment, addictions, loneliness and rejection be seen?

I am not blaming you at all, neither am i throwing stones at you. It can be difficult to get help when everyone around you has their own mask own too.

Not only is our mask preventing the real us from showing, it also prevents us from seeing people well. Until you remove your mask, you can’t see the realness in someone else. Our mask is blurring our vision of others.

If i have described you in any of the paragraphs above, it’s about time you took off the mask. If you are living a double life, be real. Seek God. Seek help so you can grow and your life can be pleasing to God.

If life has thrown pain your way, instead of keeping it under your mask, come out for help. Cry out for help. Seek advice. Seek therapy. Seek God so you can get help.

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