Due A Clear Out?

Few weeks ago i decided to rearrange my wardrobe because it’s been looking rough lately. In the process of sorting it out, i realised that it was overcrowded. I noticed i had a habit i hate admitting. I have an attachment to most of my outfits making me decide to keep them longer than i should. The excuses ranges from it being a birthday present 4 years ago, to it being something that my husband bought for me when we were still courting. Most of the items i no longer wore because they didn’t fit anymore (thanks to eating cakes and more cakes and more cakes lol). Despite this i still kept them thinking i will fit into them some day.

I realised that my wardrobe was so overcrowded to the point that a dye from one of my jacket stained some other clothes. The sad part was the fact that it went on some of my precious clothes. I tried washing it off but it didn’t leave so i had to discard those items. As i was pondering on how this happened, i realised that i was long due a clear out but i clearly ignored the signs.

So where am i going with this? Just as that little stain ran through and ruined my other precious clothes, so a little bad habit can ruin your entire life. A little drop of oil on your finger can stain your outfit making that gorgeous piece not attractive.

What is that little bad habit that you have? What is that bad habit that your parents, friends and those close to you have been telling you about? Are you still ignoring it? I think it’s time for you to take it seriously. You will be surprised how that can prevent you from breaking grounds in life if you don’t tame it.

Cry out to God for help. Be intentional about your life. Seek accountability. Take ownership of your wrongs and actions. Dwell on God’s word so His spirit can help you conquer this.


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