Stop Worshipping Your Past

Then the Lord said to Moses, “This is the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob when I said, ‘I will give it to your descendants.’ I have now allowed you to see it with your own eyes, but you will not enter the land.”

So Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land of Moab, just as the Lord had said. The Lord buried him in a valley near Beth-peor in Moab, but to this day no one knows the exact place. (Deuteronomy 34:4-6)

The children of Israel adored Moses so much so that God had to prevent them from burying his knowing fully well that there was a possibility of them making his grave an idol. God had to bury Moses Himself and up till today no one knows where Moses was buried.

When Moses died, his season passed. Although he was out of the picture, the promise land was still to be reached. They needed to quickly get over the past glory and victories they had with Moses and also get over the pain of his death and move on.

I feel sometimes we pay so much attention to our past pains and gains. We cling unto them so much so that we make an idol out of them. It is very good and important to refer and take an inventory of our past. However, we shouldn’t be held bound by it. We sometimes use the pains as an excuse for our failures, bad manners and attitudes even as christians. Past pain can attract attention. We like this. We like the pity party we are making out of it. We have forgotten that time is ticking fast. We even go before God daily in prayers referring to our past as the factors surrounding our failure and lack of motivation. We try to justify our bad actions with what happened to us in our past. I understand the fact that a life event has a way of affecting us mentally. However as new creations in Christ, we’ve been made anew. In order for us to be able to grow, develop and walk in the newness of life that we’ve been given, we can’t remain tied to our past pains.

Your case might not be that of pain. It might be a past victory that you are holding on to so tight that you are unable to grab a new one. You have built your tent there. You have abandoned your journey and decided to remain in this particular place. It’s feels so good and so comforting. However, this is not where God has told you to rest. He never told you that this was your promise land. You were not instructed to pitch your tent here. Stop idolising that success and continue your journey.

You have written that book and it’s made you #1 bestseller and you don’t want to loose this success. Well pick up your pen and start writing the next one which God has told you to do long ago. Stop worshipping your past success. There is a lot to do. We don’t have enough time for us to spend on pity party and attention seeking.

The children of Israel had to get over the fact that Moses was dead and continue their journey to the promised land.

We all have a promised land in every facet of our life – career, family, business, spiritual life etc. There is a lot that happens on the journey to the promised land. It’s a dangerous thing to idolise the thorns or the roses we pick up on our way and forget our destination.

I would suggest you look into your life and check if there are traces of idols in it. It’s time to move on from that stop. You’ve been there long enough.

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