Daily Prompt: Finite

Each time I hear testimonies of how God heals people despite what the medical professionals said, or how a woman gave birth after been told there is no way her womb will carry a child, or how God reverses that which human knowledge called irreversible, it reminds me of the finite knowledge of man.

Many a times we get told via weather forecast that it will rain, then we see sun. Sometimes we get told to brace ourselves for the hottest day ever and it never happens, I remember how human knowledge is very limited.

Putting all your hope on a finite science and system isn’t really the wisest decision to make. There is only One person who is infinite and I am proud to identify with that man. Science cannot define this man because it didn’t create Him. He doesn’t make sense to science because He beats the imagination of scientists. His wisdom is unsearchable. His power no one can withstand. His sovereignty cannot be contended with. His authority is sure. He dominates the earth in His splendour and great glory. He alone creates things out of nothing. He is God all by Himself. The One behind every miracle. He is the unchangeable changer. He is Love personified. I am glad that my finite life is held by an infinite God. God is my infinite father. Can you say same?

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