Liebster Award Nomination – My 1st Blogging Award Nomination

Thank you for this award nomination. I find it very humbling. God bless you my sis 🙂

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for this award too.

11 blogs that I nominate are:
A r3volut1on
Training for eternity
Looking for God in messy places
Grace and Laundry
His Perfect Timing
A beautiful hot mess
Choose Jesus Ministry
Spiral of thy rayvelation
His grace my growth


The Rules of the Award are as follows:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award. 
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Notify those blogs of the nomination.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.
11 Questions for me to answer:
1.  Where does your inspiration to blog come from? The Holy Spirit led me to start blogging. I get inspired to write new posts based on my life experiences, scriptures i am meditating on and observations. I write what God lays in my heart to write.
2.  Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
3.  Do you have a relationship with Jesus? Yes and the decision to do it is the best i have and could ever make in life.
4. What is your favorite dish to order at a restaurant? Any seafood
5. If you could choose anyone to meet who would it be (why)? Bishop TD Jakes because he has impacted so much into my life.
6. What moment in history would you have like to have seen (why)? Not sure if this happened everywhere but my grandma used to tell us of the total solar eclipse that happened in 1947. Doesn’t sound exciting i know but trust me you would give this answer if you have heard my grandmas version of this event lol…
7. If you could be any age for a day what would it be (why)? My exact age now because i’m making use of what i have today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed.
8. What is your favorite book of the Bible? I have a lot. I studied the book of Romans recently and i totally fell in love with how much grace God shows us. So i will pick Romans.
9. Who is your favorite music artist or group? I don’t have one favourite. I like hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Bethel, Tasha Cobbs, William McDowell to name a few
10. What would your “superhero” name be? Doctor Light
11. Do you prefer to talk or text? Talk. I feel i can’t really get emotions and tones properly via text.
11 random facts about yourself
1. I am obsessed with Jesus!
2. I love to sing although not very good at it 🙂
3. I can’t swim
4. I don’t like the beach because of the sand. I can’t bear walking on sand barefooted or imagining the sand on me
5. I love to worship
6. I cry when i see someone crying
7. I love words. I appreciate a thoughtful note over a big present
8. I forget the name of movies even before i finish watching them but i can remember how i lived when i was as little as 4yrs old. Strange i know lol..
9. I am not really outdoorsy
10. After Jesus, my husband and kids comes next
11. I am very nervous
11 Questions for nominated bloggers to answer:
  1. What is your favourite worship song?
  2. What is that thing you cannot do without and why?
  3. If you were to eat one food for the rest of your life, what will that food be?
  4. Outdoorsy or indoorsy?
  5. What made you give your life to God?
  6. Are you a morning person or evening person?
  7. Who is your favourite bible character and why?
  8. Which country would you love to visit next and why?
  9. Would you prefer extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather?
  10. If you were to pick one of these which one do you think you are mentally. Old school or new school?
  11. Favourite book apart from the bible.

17 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination – My 1st Blogging Award Nomination

  1. Congratulations, Efua! You definitely deserve this award. You are SUCH an encourager, and I pray God continues to use you as you are blessing so many of us!


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