The Gift Box

I was very down at the time, not knowing if anyone could help me. You might be able to understand how i felt. You know that moment when you need something very special. And then i received a present that has and is still changing my life for the better. It is the most beautiful present i have ever received. It also came in the prettiest gift box ever! 🙂

I felt like a little kid again who gets very excited to open her christmas presents. I ran to pick up my present and rushed to open it. As i began to unwrap it i realised that there was something mysterious about it. It has been wrapped with so many beautiful wrapping sheets. I received this present years ago but up till today, i am still unwrapping it.

I’m sure you’re thinking what kind of present would take years to open. This present is Jesus. He comes wrapped up with all the goodies you can ever imagine. He is wrapped up with salvation, love, kindness, peace, mercy, joy, patience, compassion, healing, forgiveness, power, authority, grace, holiness, wisdom, truth, knowledge, understanding, strength, eternal life, restoration, safety, security, comfort, righteousness, justice, beauty, freedom, goodness, sweetness, provision, protection, direction and the list goes on. You might have more to add to this list. If you do, please feel free to put them down in the comment section.

You see why i said the list is endless? Yes that is who Jesus is. He is inexhaustible! The more you unwrap Him, the more you find something new. His names are numerous. His sovereignty is beyond human compression.

So if you lack any of the things listed above, you should try and accept this present. Yes, it has been given to everyone! He is only waiting for you to accept the gift! How amazing is that! It is the best and the most expensive gift you can ever get.

Pressing into Jesus daily and getting to know Him more is like me opening the presents. The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him more. Accepting Him is the best decision I have ever made.



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