20 followers! Thank you!!

I got a notification that i now have 20 followers on my blog:):)!!!! This is exciting and very humbling at the same time. I can’t believe there are 20 people majority of whom i don’t know following my blog! This is a big deal for me because I can still remember how scared i was of starting this blog. I shared this on my post titled “Just Do It”. I remember how my insecurities kicked in and the devil kept telling me no one will be interested in reading my post.

This journey has been very exciting and it has drawn me even closer to God as i trust Him on what to write.

Thanks to those following, reading, commenting and liking my posts. The main focus of this blog is to point people towards Jesus. I pray i’m able to do this on every post. Thanks again and continue to enjoy the ride!

God bless!

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