I dreamt about the rapture

Early hours of this morning, I had a very brief dream about rapture. The dream was brief but powerful and still had me shaking for hours.

I was in a big church in Nigeria. The church is one of the biggest churches in my town back home. There was no church service going on at that time but people were there volunteering, cleaning and making sure things were where they were supposed to be. I was sat outside the church watching a lot of people working hard, following due process, working with haste.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise like that of a trumpet. There was chaos. People were running. I didn’t understand what was going on. I saw a lady going up into the cloud. The trumpet was still blasting. That was when it hit me that people were rapturing. I saw another man being raptured and that was it. Yes only two people. I also heard a live announcement that was coming from either a TV or radio somewhere that the Christians are being raptured.

I was shouting ‘omg it has happened’. Sadly I didn’t go. Immediately God said to me, you didn’t go because you are mad at me. That has ruined all the service you have done๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ.

The amazing thing was that all the people I saw following protocols and serving, they didn’t go either. I was so scared that I woke myself up, quickly checked to see if my 2 months old baby was in his cot just to be sure this wasn’t real.

Lessons Learnt.
– I am not sure what you are going through. This has been the toughest year yet in my life. Having family members fighting cancer at the same time. Having my mum, still trying to recover from stroke. It is hard. Really hard. I feel like my life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes I am strong. Sometimes I am angry as to why God will watch us suffer like this. But this is a wake up call. I can’t allow life troubles to deny me access to heaven. Please look beyond what you are going through and still serve God. God is no respecter of persons. Let Job in the bible be our example when we are suffering. I know it is very hard but i don’t want to miss heaven for anything. Never lose focus of this. If you are serving, serve well. If you are going through challenges, don’t be mad at God. The reason why devil throw challenges at us is to distract us from focusing on God. Don’t let him win

– Are you serving God with a pure heart? Amongst the lots of people I saw serving in a big compound, only two were raptured. Serving God is not a camouflage to cover sin. You might say I am not sinning. But are you still mad at that person? Have you forgiven totally regardless of what he/she did? Are you jealous? It isn’t about following doctrines. It’s about serving God wholeheartedly.

–  The lady pushing the trolley with haste. There are so many christians working in the church, very busy doing the work of God. The fact that we are occupied in the church doesn’t give us a pass to heaven. Are our hearts right? Have we forgiven that person that offended us? Matthew 6:15 says if we do not forgive others, God will not forgive us. If God doesn’t forgive us, we can’t gain access into heaven.

– The two ladies who knelt before the empty chair to worship. There are people who obey church doctrines instead of seeing things from a biblical perspective. The church is busy sweating the small stuff and ignoring the things that matters. The word of God is our guide and not church doctrines. God will judge us based on His word only.

– I was asking questions and no one was answering. This is because on that day, we all will be on our own. The cliques we think we are forming now will scatter. If you are ashamed to stand out and live for Christ, wanting to dress, talk and act like others, you will be on your own on that day.

Jesus Christ is coming soon. You might say i already know this, but do you live in this consciousness daily? There is no such thing as small sin. It is either your robe is clean or it is dented. Repent now you still have the chance to. God bless you all.

33 thoughts on “I dreamt about the rapture

  1. That is a powerful one , it is a privilege for you to be spoken to in the dream, Yes sometimes we are just Mad at GOD especially when we cannot see the bigger picture, when we feel he is not working but he is ,we must understand that for every circumstances we face he has given us that grace to withstand them, he allowed the circumstances to prevail does not mean he cannot prevent it it is just show that his grace is sufficient for us all. The bible said even the devil knows this that we are untouchable , in the story of Job it is written “You have built an edge around him” even the devil knows this so he had t6o take permission so thee is need for understanding the Bible is that book with all the edifying knowledge we need. God will help you, increase in Jesus name. GREAT WORK

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  2. Glo

    Wow this is so powerful. Thank God for this reminder. Sometime we need to be reminded Christianity is not just about service and church it’s actually about a relationship with our maker.

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  3. Remen

    Very thought provoking words Efua. The signs of the times are everywhere. May God give us the grace and strength to persevere till the last day in spite of the obstacles and challenges we face in our daily lives. Amen

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  4. Titi Samuel

    We should be focus on the things of eternal which are permanent. It’s unfortunate that we are so carried away with the things of this world. Also, God knows those that are his.We have to examine ourselves on a daily basis in order to be sure that we belong to him indeed. Whatever we possess here on earth everything is vanity. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity, vanity because they are temporal things. A word is a enough for the wise. Heaven is my goal,father don’t let me miss it.

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  5. Rebecca Annette

    Thank you for sharing this and reminding others that the day is coming.The pain, dissappointments and hurt will come to an end if we remain faithful and those who will be left……..God help us to remain faithful and truthful to you alone!!!

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  7. I just finished writing a post about my dream that dealt with the beast and tribulation, the post comes out next Friday. What the dream really taught me was to truly focus on Christ. Understand what it means to live what we proclaim. I am glad you shared your dream because these dreams are eye opening.

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    1. Wow! This was a reblog. I had the dream in April. Although I have had other encounters relating to rapture ever since then. I love them because they help me refocus on what I am really here for. This further helps me live every moment for His glory. I canโ€™t wait to read yours. Thanks so much for stopping by๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Oh I saw it was a reblog, but still it is a powerful dream to share and I’m glad you reblogged it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the dream experience up that occurred right before my dream of the beast, if you are interested.

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      2. Same! Although, in the moment, they can be quite frightening. If you enjoy my post and want more just look up dream experience in the search box. 7 have been posted so far. Today’s post deals with the reality of sin.

        May God continue to speak to us.

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