What are you speaking?

Words kill, words give life;

they’re either poison or fruit – you choose. Proverbs 18:21 (MSG)

The above scripture tells us the power of our words. Yes words are powerful. How easy is it to say a word without thinking of the lasting impact?  Marriages, relationships and lives have been broken as a result of words. Words can kill. Words can heal. A lot of heartaches can be avoided if we learn to speak the right words.

Devil knows exactly how powerful our words are. Here is what he does. He sows a bad thought into our mind, or present us with a bad report. He tries all he can to make us speak negatively concerning those situations in order for us to give life to them in bad way. He knows once life has been given to them through our words, he can then operate.

Watch it! Watch what you are saying concerning that child, that job, your life, that contract, that marriage, that relationship. Speak life. Speak increase. Things will get better.

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