The Real You

You are a priceless jewel made from precious ornament. You are a queen. Yes you! It doesn’t matter who told you otherwise. It doesn’t matter what society describes you as. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of life has painted to you. You are not defined by any of that. Refuse to accept defeat. Refuse to be referred to as useless. You are not useless. You are useful. You might not feel like it right now but the fact that you can still wake up in the morning means there is a purpose for you on earth. You are not just another being. You are unique just as you are.

God made you in His own image and He said you are good. There is no another you. You are an authentic version of yourself. So be comfortable in you being you.  Love you and accept the things you can’t change about you. Stop wasting your time comparing yourself to everyone else. Learn to appreciate yourself. Praise the survivor in you. Look back at the things you have gone through and how you have managed to come out of them. Let that fuel you for the future.

Reconnect with the one who helped you survive. He made you and He has the manual on how you are to function. Go to help for instructions on how you are to function. God knows exactly what you need to do in every stage of your life. Never underestimate the power of His direction so you don’t continue to walk aimlessly. With His guidance, you can find the courage to try again and move on. Look inside of you and begin to exude the beauty that lies within you.

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