Immerse – Daily Prompt

I want to immerse myself in God’s Word every day. I have several daily scriptures that come to my email every morning from I also have the devotion from Oswald Chambers come to my email in the morning from Throughout the day I continue to be immersed in God’s word as I remember […]

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via Immerse–Daily Prompt — Fearless

I was about to write something similar to this today. This is just a confirmation that the spirit of God is one. This post is timely. I feel we now live in an age where christians see the word of God as boring. People prefer to spend hours watching reality TV than studying the word of God. We say we don’t have time to study God’s word but we have time to spend on social media, chatting on our phones, watching TV and doing other things that will not benefit our spirit. And we wonder why things aren’t going right. God’s word is strong, powerful and effective.

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