Lesson Learnt From a School Boy

I was walking home behind a group of young school kids on my way to pick up my kids from school. I realised two of the lads were throwing things at another lad. The lad who they were throwing the things at kept trying to avoid been hit. But these two lads just didn’t stop. I thought they were all walking home together and they were only playing. I was getting irritated as I had to avoid being hit too. Also I was trying to walk faster so I don’t get to school late but I couldn’t because of the way the kids were walking. On observing the situation a bit more, I realised that the kid who things were being thrown at didn’t look happy. I felt something wasn’t right. So I approached him and asked if the other kids were his friends. He responded no and that they do that to him every day. This is what I put up with everyday he said.

Bullying is one of those things I can’t stand. I was deeply troubled and my heart broke for the little lad. I tried explaining to him that he doesn’t have to put up with it. I asked do you need me to speak to someone in your school about it? The answer I got from him shook me. No. These things have taught me how to be resilient in life; he said.

I was amazed at his answer. Those words touched me in a different way. I couldn’t help but to admire his bravery and his perception of things at that age.

As I began to analyse his answer quietly, I realised that what I saw relates to every area of our lives. Let’s look at the spiritual aspect.

The boy’s journey home represents our journey to eternity. The boy that was being bullied represents us. The other two lads represents the devil and his agents. The things they were throwing represents the attacks we get in life.

Some of the reasons for attack

1. To distract

2. To destroy

3. To intimidate

4. To delay

5. To cause someone to stumble

Like that little lad, we all are on a journey. We were never promised that it will be smooth. The devil is going to throw things like sickness, anxiety, fear and loss at us. We will loss relationships, we will face job loss, denial, rejection to name a few.

The way we take these attacks matters a lot. When attached, do we give up, run back, go into hiding. Or like the little lad do we continue to walk towards our destination with a good perceptive. Do we take the attacks as things that will make us stronger?

I see that boy as a winner. His courage and strength blew me away. I left him thinking about myself and the way I view attacks. This incident happened over six months ago but the story stays fresh in my head. I have learnt to consciously decide to make better things out of the stones that are being thrown at me. I have decided not to retreat from moving forward due to attacks. I have decided never to yield to devil. Life challenges can either make us or break us. Having the right perception about life challenges is the key to living a happier life.

May God help us to see the better side of things always. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Lesson Learnt From a School Boy

  1. Matt

    Beautiful write up Efy . Challenges comes and goes as we journey through life. This story you have just put up has widen my horaism and strenghten my expectations on how we should react in the face of challenges .

    Thanks for sharing Efy.

    Liked by 1 person

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