Are You Settling?

Are you in the place where you are destined to be? Or have you decided to settle for an alternative. The thing is we get tired of pushing sometimes that we decide to pitch our tent and lay our mat in the wrong place.

It might be understandable why you have decided to settle. No one likes the scorching heat and sweat that comes with pushing. Just like exercise, the sweat and pain isn’t fun. What pushes you through is the end result or what you are aiming to achieve.

One of the sports i love watching during the olympics is the sprint race. Once the athletes are on the mark to start the race, they look forward to the finish line. An athlete who starts the race and decides to stop to sleep or say hello to fans cannot win.

The same goes to us all. We are all in a race. Not only does this apply to eternity, but also to other facets of our lives. Have you settled permanently in a place God has told you to move from? Have you settled for a relationship you know you shouldn’t be settling for? Have you settled for a job you know you shouldn’t have accepted in the first place? Are you staying longer than you should?

One of the consequences that comes with settling in the wrong place is the absence of joy. We cannot experience God’s best in a place that isn’t meant for us. The pain we experience as we push through the journey isn’t a waste. It is part of the preparation process. The skills you learn from the journey will come handy when you achieve that goal. The devil knows the value of your goal so he will do everything he can to distract and discourage you from reaching it. Never assume you cannot reach your goal. You can do anything through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

So think about areas in your life where you are settling for alternatives to what God has told you. Quit laziness. Refocus. Pick up your stuff and start pushing again. The generation behind you is watching to see how you push through. Don’t disappoint them. Don’t disappoint yourself. Don’t disappoint God. Look on the inside of you. You may be feeling weak and frail but draw strength from your previous triumphs. Remember the last time you thought you didn’t have what it took to win. Remember how you surprised yourself and came through successfully. Think of your journey and how far you have come. You just can’t give up now. It might not be easy but it will be worth it in the end. Stay strong. Push!


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