How Do I Trust God?

We often hear people talk about trusting God and you may be wondering what this means and how you can trust Him.

We can only trust something we know. As a mum, i won’t allow a stranger to babysit my kids because I don’t trust them. I don’t trust them because I don’t know them. In the same way, we can only rely and trust in God totally when we really know Him and who He is.

When we look through the bible, we see cases of people who trusted God with their lives totally. People like Abraham, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego amongst others.

I find the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego really inspiring (see Daniel 3). These guys trusted God to the point that they said they won’t bow down to the idol even if God decides not to save them from the furnace. They trusted the decision of God (whether good or bad) concerning them. They believed that because they were children God, God was always in control of their lives. They knew that their lives were precious to God and that He knew what was best for them.

The word of God is God. We cannot trust God if we don’t know Him. To know God, we have to study His word. As we study the bible, God reveals Himself to us in profound ways. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand and breaks things down in ways we can understand.

Then we begin to communicate with Him through prayers. We are very confident that whenever we pray He hears us. He talks back to us too. We sometimes don’t hear Him talking back because we rush out of His presence. Imagine if every time you try talking to your friend, you never wait to hear his/her response. We just pour out your heart and rush away without waiting to hear what he/she has to say. Without giving that friend a chance to comfort you. I think this is exactly what we do with God sometimes in the place of prayer.

If we can pause for one moment to hear Him speak, if we can stay still for a second to give Him a chance to comfort us, we will realise that He is worth trusting and that He is the closest and best friend anyone could have😊.



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5 thoughts on “How Do I Trust God?

  1. Amen! And what a timely post…I just had a moment with God this morning and I rushed right out of His presence, like you wrote. How can I hear His answer when I’m rushing out the door?? Thank you for this post!!! Confirmation I needed to be still and WAIT for Him. 🙂

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