To The One I Love

I met you when I knew I needed a very close friend and quickly I became obsessed with you. I can’t imagine life without you. Hanging out with you has become the best thing I do. I love singing to you and watch you smile as you listen to me sing. I love spending the entire day with you. The interesting thing about our friendship is that I can never get enough of you and being around you is never boring.

I remember telling you how I felt about you and the intimate relationship we shared until you revealed to me that you have always felt a stronger love for me.

You told me you always wanted me. I feel bad for how I treated you. Not paying attention to how you felt. I tried running from you but you remained persistent. The more I ran, the more I felt empty. I had to put my pride aside and accept the fact that I needed you in my life. Phewwwww!!! That was the best decision I ever made.

You came in and change the tempo of my music. I started dancing to a tune I have always heard but never paid attention to. The tune began to make a lot of meaning to me. The tune gave me so much peace. I was very excited that I ran to start making music and dance that would go with that tune. For some reason what I was coming up with didn’t align with the sound I was hearing. You came to me and reminded me that you are there to help me and that I should never think I can do this on my one. You also told me that every time I try to figure things out on my way, that things will go out of tune and this will lead to me getting frustrated.

Being the good friend that you are, you began to teach me how to make music that rhymed with the tune. You taught me dance steps that were in line with the tune. And suddenly everything started coming together. My puzzle began to make sense. You hold my hand everyday as we dance to the music of my life.

You told me that you will always be by my side and that you will always love me unconditionally. You told me that I will not find this kind of love anywhere or from anyone else. You told me never to run away from you as you are always there to help me make more music that will rhyme with the tune of my life. The love you show me daily is overwhelming.

Your coming into my life has made such a huge difference in the way I see things. I have noticed that i am beginning to do the things you like. And to be honest I love you so much that I want to be like you in everyway. I want to see life the way you see it.

And oh before I forget, I think the best thing about our friendship is the fact that you have enabled me to see myself better. You told me to start looking at myself through your eyes. You told me that this world can be very overwhelming at times and that the world will make me feel like I am inadequate. But I can overcome this feeling each time I stare at myself through your eyes. Have I told you that I have found every word you told me to be true? Oh yes! Very true! And heeding to your advise has helped me navigate through life better.

So precious friend, I promise never to run away from you again. I promise to always give you the room to lead me. I accept I don’t know it all and i don’t know everything about my future. So I will continuously lean on you. I will always trust you with my whole life because you know better. I will always rest in your love and trust you with my life. I will always remember that my music and dance will never go out of tune as long as I allow you to teach me.

I love you xx


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